Consultants are vital to organizational success because they help their clients identify, source and implement new levels of innovation.


Learn how to differentiate yourself in a saturated market and move from a commodity partner to a trusted advisor. Learn how to use your products and services to create new value for your clients, and catapult yourself into new areas of success.

Our programs highlight what matters now to your clients, and focus on the conversations you should be having to help them succeed.

Our programs help consultants understand the abilities they need in order to help their clients focus more on strategy, and they provide insight on ways to help clients create more corporate value. Participants learn how to expose hidden business opportunities, and how to position your organization as a catalyst for growth.


You can design your custom offering using any of the individual sessions in the programs we have available below, or we can create a new program specifically for your organization. Programs can be delivered through a variety of methods: onstage, onsite, online, or on-demand. Program length will depend on the courses selected, and can be taught at your pace. 

Digital Strategy

Understand disruption in a way that helps you compete effectively in the latest digital marketplace. Define a digital identity that anticipates your needs and exploits the power of your core business, and  chart your course using an effective digital roadmap

Leading Digital Transformation

Organize your teams and systems in a way that gives you competitive advantage, allows you to leverage the power of internal and external information, and uses your team’s unique capabilities to drive substantive change within your organization.

Leading Digital Acceleration

Harness the power of your new digital engine to create compelling, connected experiences for your customers and employees, and how to invest in the right technologies to catapult yourself ahead of your competition.


Developing Executive Presence

Speak intelligently about strategy, inspire others, and build credibility in a way that highlights your unique capabilities and in a way that highlights the value you bring to the organization.

Leading a High-Intensity Culture

Understand your high-octane environment, recognize signs of disengagement, promote talents and capabilities, and redesign your culture in a way that accelerates individual and corporate success.

The Power of Reinvention

Redesign yourself and your organization to compete in today's business environment so you can take advantage of ideas and strategies that give you a new competitive advantage.


Discover new levels of collaboration, new areas of strategy, new ways to innovate, and new means of revenue.

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