The latest digital wave has forced a whole new reality upon us.


Learn how to understand disruption in a way that helps you compete effectively in the latest digital marketplace, how to define a digital identity that anticipates your needs and exploits the power of your core business, and how to chart your course using an effective digital roadmap.

Join us as we explore the most effective ways to lead digital strategy in your organization.

This program helps participants understand that this latest digital wave requires a whole new definition of who companies are, and it  requires companies to embrace a completely different set of tools in order to be successful.  Participants learn what matters to customers now, and how to use digital to relate to everyone in their ecosystem.

The program includes four main sessions and four group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month. Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Knowing how to frame the challenge will help you define your digital identity and get to the growth you need.



This first session lays the groundwork for all of the classes that follow by explaining the basics of innovation strategy, and how that strategy is impacted by the forces of disruption. Participants learn the typical mistakes companies make in their approaches to market innovation, and discover the keys to innovating in ways that protect them from digital disruption.


Understanding the

New Digital Landscape

This session explores the reasons that growth is harder now as we operate in the latest digital frontier, and helps leaders understand the best ways to manage their digital approach. Participants learn the questions they should ask themselves as they define their organization’s digital identity, and how to orchestrate conversations around digital that can lead to strategic change. 


Predicting & Adapting to a Fast-Changing Marketplace


This session highlights that ways companies can keep their strategy moving as fast as their business by integrating new thought processes into their operational approach. Participants explore the difference between pursuing customer engagement vs digitized solutions, and discuss  the value in digitizing key components of their core business.


Developing a

Digital Roadmap


The final session in this first series  helps participants understand how to develop an organizational plan that outlines their digital identity, vision, priorities and approach. Using a company case, participants work together to understand how to select initiatives that best serve their customers, and have the highest economic and industry impact.

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