A strong digital solutions strategy requires a strong operational backbone.


Learn how to organize your teams and systems in a way that gives you competitive advantage, allows you to leverage the power of internal and external information, and uses your team’s unique capabilities to drive substantive change within your organization.

Join us as we explore the most effective ways to drive digital transformation in your organization.

This program helps participants understand the power of adaptive systems, and how to drive insight and action so they can maximize the touch points on their customer journey. They also learn how to lead digital change in a way that reinvents their business models and  integrates their strategy and capabilities with their technology. 


This course includes four main sessions and four group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month. Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Communicating the 
Value of Digital


This session explores ways to define the digital capabilities that will be pursued by your organization, ways to address traditional thinking and move your organizational culture towards a digital future, and ways to engage your customers and your employees in your new digital program.

Leveraging Your 
Information Network


This session looks at the economics of information, and how to get the most out of big data and customer intelligence. Participants learn how to develop more strategic content, and the power of linking it to a converged customer experience using social, mobile, analytics and cloud.

Digital Change


The final session of the second series explores best practices for leading people through cycles of digital change, and limiting its disruptive effect on organizations. Participants learn how to use updated strategies to manage short delivery cycles, and how to create a digital transformation office to focus on strategy choices that will happen on a daily basis.

Transforming Your

Legacy Ecosystem

This session highlights the barriers inherent in legacy ecosystems, and provides guidance on knowing what to change so that participants optimize their competitive position. Participants learn about adaptive systems, and ways to structure their organizations so that they support their future needs.

Understanding how to design the transformation is a key part of actually being able to deliver it.

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