What will get you a seat at the table?

What will keep you there?


Learn how to speak intelligently about strategy, inspire others, and build credibility in a way that highlights your unique capabilities and in a way that highlights the value you bring to the organization.

Join us as we explore ways to lead with poise and passion, maximizing your ability to show up with substance and style.

This program helps participants understand that a different level of presence is required as they move up the corporate ladder, and it outlines a repeatable formula that can be used to them tap into organizational needs, change the image they portray, and ultimately,

shift the perception others have of them.


This course includes four main sessions and four group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month. Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Becoming a

Trusted Advisor


This session helps leaders understand the reasons that trust is a key part of their credibility, and outlines the most effective ways to build trust within their organization. Participants learn how to increase their impact by being more deliberate with their interactions. They also learn more effective ways to interface with their stakeholders and peers so that they show up as thought leaders in a variety of situations.

Moving From a Leader

to an Executive​


This session opens by exploring the way that many leaders have progressed up the ladder through areas of increasing responsibility, and the impact that a lack of strategic intent can have on their success. Participants learn how to move from focusing solely on their function to looking at success for the entire organization, how to uncover business opportunities, and how to build the right relationships for collaborative success.

Developing Influence Without Authority

This session provides direction on how influence works and highlights ways participants can use their brand and strategic focus to increase their influence in the organization. Participants learn how to build three main leadership tools required of every executive (power, relationship and people), and they also discover how to use their influence style to maximize their executive presence.

Building Your

Leadership Brand


This session helps leaders understand how to manage the way others perceive them inside and outside their organization. Participants learn how to share the ways they have been a catalyst for success, or a champion in crisis. They also learn how to limit their own self-talk so that they can communicate effectively in public or in private using the style that best suits the leaders they interact with.

Tap into the unique qualities that will help you move ahead, and understand how to maximize every executive situation.

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