While the world is moving at breakneck speed, the beliefs wired into our brains are not.

Graham Waller, Gartner


Learn how to understand your high-octane environment, recognize signs of disengagement, promote talents and capabilities, and redesign your culture in a way that accelerates individual and corporate success.

Join us as we explore ways to manage today’s fast-paced nature of work and constant cycle of change.

This program helps participants understand the benefits and challenges associated with a high-intensity culture, and the process for eliminating overworked, disengaged and underperforming environments so that they can cultivate atmospheres suitable for well-rounded,

high-performing employees.


This course includes four main sessions and four group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month. Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Designing Your New

High-Intensity Workplace


In the last session, participants discuss the value of culture as a driver of successful strategy and corporate performance, and work together to design a new high-intensity environment for their organizations; one  that uses organizational identity, capabilities, vision and culture to architect a new workplace.

Understanding the

High-Intensity Workplace

In this first session, participants learn about the attributes of a high-intensity environment, and benefits like heightened engagement, increased excitement and higher financial success. They also start to understand hidden costs like  the overwhelming effect of normalized intensity, buried talents and interests, and discuss the challenges associated with hidden talent in their organizations.

Power of Employee Happiness

In this session, participants explore the ways that creativity and productivity increase in correlation with employee happiness, how to define happiness at work, and the best ways to tap into an employee's "adaptable identity." This allows them to draw on all of their employee traits, talents and capabilities at work, along with their passions, lifestyles and activities outside the office.

Change and 

The Way We Work

In this session, participants discuss that led to current work patterns, and  the  increasing pressure to become “ideal workers.”  They also discuss the threat posed by high-stress, cut-throat cultures that don’t allow people to be supported, valued and respected. The session ends by discussing the actions needed to move from being a workaholic to working well, focusing on total success in life, not just work.

Tap into the tools you need to build a

high-performing team in a high-octane environment.

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