Emerging leaders have extraordinary capabilities, skills and perspective, and are key to every business strategy.


Learn the reasons emerging leaders benefit from coaching in the areas of communication, influence and strategy. Discover how to function as you move into more senior roles, and how to solve complex business problems while creating business value.

Join us as we discuss the best ways for rising leaders to be productive and to put their career on the fast track.

This program helps participants evolve into increasing levels of responsibility by helping them become more strategic as they solve complex business problems. It helps participants understand how to function with skill and agility, and how to develop an intentional mindset that takes advantage of their network and their culture to create and lead high-performing teams.


This course includes eight group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month.
Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.


Leading with Impact - 
Getting on the Fast Track

This session explains the journey of leadership, and how to add value by differentiating yourself from the competition. Participants learn how to identify the personal capabilities they have that add value to their organization’s objectives, how to analyze their professional network, and how to chart a career roadmap that helps them improve their output with each new opportunity.


Developing a 
Strategic Mindset

This session helps leaders understand their company identity and where it fits in the industry, both now and in the future. Participants learn how to understand the needs of their customers, how to define their core offerings, how to exploit their competitive advantage, and how to break company vision down into projects that support their biggest priorities.


Developing Influence
Without Authority

This session provides direction on how influence works and highlights ways participants can use their brand and strategic focus to increase their influence in the organization. Participants learn how to build three main leadership tools required of every executive (power, relationship and people), and they also discover how to use their influence style to maximize their executive presence.


Stakeholder Engagement 


This session helps leaders learn how to communicate effectively with their stakeholders, how to maximize their face time, and how to brand their message with the goals of the business. Participants learn how to use multiple communication channels to build trust, how to communicate at multiple levels in the organization, and how to  project an executive image in stakeholder meetings.

Solving Complex

Business Problems

This session helps leaders identify different types of complexity, and introduces a framework for  the problem resolution process. Participants learn how to define and scope problems, how to map a current and future state, how to identify their constituents, how to compare potential solutions, and how to analyze and identify opportunities for improvement.


This session explores ways to improve the customer experience by redefining an organization’s problems, and their jobs to be done.  Participants learn how to reevaluate their organization’s core reasons for being in business, how to apply design thinking principles, and how to use their insights to generate breakthrough ideas and more targeted results.


This session helps leaders understand the ideation process, challenges them to identify their barriers to change, and helps them design an environment that champions innovation. Participants learn how to understand the needs of today’s customer, how to successfully lead innovation discussions, and how to make their company an incubator for new ideas.




This session explores best practices for successfully leading people through change, and limiting it’s disruptive impact on organizations. Participants learn how to define the various types of change, how to adjust their leadership style, how to understand the real reasons that people won’t change, and how to lead continuous change when multiple programs are shifting simultaneously.

Invest now to build your skills so that you become an integral part of your organization’s future.

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