Sometimes you need more than just change. You need a metamorphosis.


Learn how to redesign yourself and your organization to compete in today's business environment so you can take advantage of ideas and strategies that give you a new competitive advantage.

Join us as we discuss ways to redesign your organization so that it thrives in times of growth, crisis or threat.

This program helps participants understand that the idea of reinvention is more than just change. Rather, is fundamentally remaking themselves so that they are different than what they were before. This is an important concept for individuals and enterprises at any time, but it’s particularly valuable in today’s ever-changing business climate.

This course includes four main sessions and four group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month. Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Understanding the 

Need for Reinvention

This session opens by explaining today’s consumer-driven environment, and explains how to rebuild a business from the core.  Participants learn how reinvention can help save their organization by allowing them to keep up with customer needs and outpace their competitors. They also discover new models that focus and accelerate change so that it becomes an organizational metamorphosis.

Harnessing the Power of 
Customer Journey

This session gets to the heart of today’s customer needs and demonstrates how to match those needs to an organization’s core products and services. Then, by understanding the jobs to be done, participants learn how to build a new, comprehensive customer journeys that exploit their capabilities in a way that redefines their image and improves their overall value proposition.

Using the

Reinvention Framework

This session provides direction on how to use the various components in the Reinvention Framework. Participants learn how to weigh reinvention risk against reinvention rewards, and how to win the battle against incremental change, knowing that they will have to purposefully create what does not exist instead of solely focusing on capabilities they already have.

Creating and 
Delighting Your Crowd

This session provides implementation skills like the ability to create a crowd culture by playing on your company’s distinctiveness, the ability to delight your customer through purposeful and exceptional customer experiences, and the ability to create customer stickiness in every interaction. The program closes with an exercise on creating a plan for company transformation.

Update your vision, maximize your strengths, drive your corporate priorities, and meet today's customer needs with new style and efficiency.

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