IT groups are uniquely positioned in the organization because they are central to everything that drives corporate profitability.


Learn how to go beyond running critical infrastructure to inventing solutions that are integral to the company’s success. Become more strategic, collaborate to lead innovation, and become the key to an engine that drives new revenue.

Join us as we talk about value of merging IT capabilities with strategy, industry knowledge and communication.  

This program helps participants strengthen their ability to lead in today’s rapidly changing business climate. It also helps them discover new ways to imagine, innovate, and invent.

That way, every aspect of what they deliver is focused on how IT can think differently
to create new, unexpected and exciting results.


This course includes eight group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month.

Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Characteristics of
Exceptional Leaders

This session explores the power of leadership authenticity, adaptability and agility in creating a collective mission, and examines the models leaders have successfully used to make each component work in busy organizations. Participants learn how to look within themselves and their teams in order to find new ways to address difficult problems using optimal speed and maximum productivity.

Becoming a
Trusted Advisor

This session helps leaders understand the reasons that trust is a key part of their credibility, and outlines the most effective ways to build trust within their organization. Participants learn how to increase their impact by being more deliberate with their interactions. They also learn more effective ways to interface with their stakeholders and peers so that they show up as thought leaders in a variety of situations.

High-Performing Teams

This session focuses on the value of talent as it relates to strategy, decision-making, competitiveness, and technology operations. Participants learn how to use the most optimal mix of talent to support strategic priorities, how to pick team members that change the game, how to train leaders to focus on corporate performance, and how to design teams that become a lever for future success.

Strategic Communication for Technology Leaders


This session is designed to help tech leaders learn how to speak with strategic intent, focusing on the brand of the organization, and using their position to advance corporate strategy. Participants learn how to use multiple communication channels to move enterprise programs forward, and  how to portray an image and personality that successfully conveys their vision.

Help your IT group deliver technology leadership, industry innovation and

game-changing solutions that increase the bottom line.

Developing a Successful Technology Strategy

This session discusses ways to assess the marketplace, take advantage of opportunities, and develop comprehensive programs that match strategic priorities.  Participants learn how to exploit practices that move the company forward, and how to design technology initiatives that drive growth and profitability.


This session highlights the capabilities that customers value in today’s marketplace, and explores ways to develop competitive innovation strategies. Participants learn how to create clear value propositions that directly target customer problems, and how to create operational systems that support measurable and sustainable change.

Sustaining Success in a 
Difficult Environment

This session helps executives understand how to keep their groups focused on delivery so they can maintain competitive advantage during difficult times. Participants learn how to be inspired by challenges, explore new opportunities in their core business, update their strategy, and invest in their talent so that they can stimulate organizational progress.

Selecting  Strategic Partners

This session is designed to help leaders understand the best ways to collaborate with suppliers as they identify and implement their strategic priorities. Participants learn how to successfully vet companies for managed services, and the key capabilities to look for when choosing partners that can help them innovate within the enterprise.

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