Women benefit from promoting their success, and from developing a network that helps move their career to the next level.


Learn how to work with companies to help them grow, increase profit, and thrive in a variety of market conditions. Discover the strategic direction you need to move your career to the next level by picking the right work, promoting it, and communicating it with passion.

Join us as we provide information and advice on mastering your industry knowledge, influence and presence.

This program helps participants focus on the higher-level competencies they will need

to move into more senior roles. They get new insight into what it means to have a strategic approach, learn how to market their brand, learn how to negotiate with executives,

and learn proven strategies to accelerate their career.


This course includes eight group coaching sessions, taught at a pace of one session per month.

Session pre-work may include videos, cases, and articles.

Knowledge & Influence

This session provides frameworks leaders can use to help understand the impact of their organization's history on its identity, culture, and strategy. Participants learn how to develop a knowledge network, how to identify and collaborate with industry advocates, how to brand themselves as thought leaders, and how to increase their influence in the industry.

Building Your
Leadership Brand

This session helps leaders understand how to manage perception and how to use the power of their story to share the ways they have been a catalyst for success or a champion in crisis. They also learn how to limit their own self-talk so that they can communicate effectively in with stakeholders by exploiting the style that best suits those they interact with.


This session is designed to help women use their messaging to advance corporate strategy. Participants learn how to use do an audience analysis, how to use emotional intelligence, how to be deliberate about self-promotion, and how to develop a personal leadership communication plan that that successfully conveys their vision.




This session outlines the structure for negotiations in both formal and informal settings, and how to recognize competitive vs collaborative environments. Participants learn how to understand their counterparts, how to manage conflict and settle disputes, how to negotiate for maximum value, and how to understand and utilize their style to create new options. 

Introduction to

This session explains market dynamics, and outlines several ways for leaders to conduct a competitive analysis of their industry. Participants also learn how to evaluate their product portfolio, how to evaluate product development options, the best ways to create uncontested market space, and how to uncover business opportunities through the use of strategic choices.


The Power of
Collective Genius

This session explores the new levels of excellence that leaders can achieve when they attract the right talent, balance analytical and creative capabilities, develop innovation synergy and redefine the role of leaders. Participants learn how to create a talent backbone, design teams for operational excellence, expand their innovation approach, and reimagine the goals for successful leaders.



This session helps leaders understand the ideation process, challenges them to identify their barriers to change, and helps them design an environment that champions innovation. Participants learn how to understand the needs of today’s customer, how to successfully lead innovation discussions in their organizations, how to select the best talent and how to make their company an incubator for new ideas.


Leading Through


This session helps leaders understand how to mobilize and inspire their teams in adverse or ambiguous situations so that they can maintain an optimal level of productivity. Participants learn how to recognize and deal with various threats, how to use environments to develop team solidarity, how to manage their communication, and how to the power of stories to demonstrate charisma and mental toughness under duress.

Grow the company, communicate success, and foster an expanding environment of expertise.

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